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Summary of Wisconsin Medical 🌱 Bill Proposal 2024

I received a copy of the proposed "Wisconsin Medical 🌱 Bill" presented today by GOP state lawmakers, and felt a condensed version highlighting the details would be helpful.

Here's a detailed summary of the Bill:

  1. Patient and Caregiver Registry: The bill establishes a registry for patients and caregivers. Patients with certain medical conditions can apply for inclusion. A fee of $100 (or $50 for hardship cases) is required upon application and annually. Patients under 18 must have their legal guardians informed.

  2. Caregiver Designation: Patients can designate up to three caregivers to purchase and possess medical cannabis on their behalf. Caregivers must be over 21, not on parole, probation, or extended supervision, and residents of Wisconsin.

  3. Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: The state will establish five dispensaries, with one in each of the five regions designated by the Department for data analysis and communication. Dispensaries can only sell to registered patients or caregivers who present valid identification and a registry card.

  4. Pharmacist Consultation: Each dispensary must employ qualified pharmacists to advise patients and caregivers on the appropriate use and dosages of medical cannabis products. Before dispensing, a pharmacist must consult with the patient or caregiver and recommend a daily dosage, which is recorded in the registry.

  5. Supply Limitations: Dispensaries can provide a 30-day supply initially, followed by up to a 90-day supply based on the pharmacist's recommendation. However, they cannot dispense to a patient or caregiver who, based on previous dispensing and recommended dosage, should have more than a 7-day supply.

  6. Advertising Prohibitions: Dispensaries and prescribers are not allowed to advertise their services.

  7. Price Setting and Sales: The office sets the price of medical cannabis products, sufficient only to recoup product and operational costs.

  8. Enforcement and Penalties: The office may conduct investigations and impose penalties for violations of the bill’s provisions. Penalties range from fines to removal from the patient and caregiver registry.

  9. Legal Protections: Lawful use or possession of medical cannabis products cannot be used against patients in child custody or placement decisions. Also, financial institutions serving licensed cannabis entities are not in violation of certain financial statutes.

  10. Initial Fees and Licensing: The bill specifies initial fees for grower licenses ($10,000), processor licenses ($50,000), and laboratory licenses ($5,000).

  11. Effective Date: The act takes effect on the first day of the 7th month following its publication.

**Please vote in the poll below, and leave your feedback of the Wisconsin Medical 🌱 Bill Proposal in the comments section. We will share the results with your elected officials!

- The Let's Legalize Wisconsin Team

Do you feel the Proposed Bill is a good start for Cannabis Legalization in Wisconsin?

  • Yes, this is a good Bill

  • No, this is not a good Bill

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Hey everyone, Bobby Beans here, your friendly neighborhood Home Alone fanatic and Cannabis Advocate. 

Remember those iconic scenes of Kevin McCallister conquering the grocery store, snagging a cart full of goodies for a mere $19.83? 

Well, grab your pizza and cheese puffs and buckle up, because in 2023, Kevin's epic shopping spree would cost a jaw-dropping $72.28!

Picture from the Movie "Home Alone" of Kevin McCallister pushing a cart full of groceries.
Imagine the amplification of disgust if the prices where what they are today... -Photo Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Yes, that's right. Inflation has gone rogue, leaving families like mine struggling to afford the basics. 

Milk, bread, toilet paper – these simple necessities are now a luxury for many. 

It's heartbreaking to see our neighbors forced to choose between groceries and other essential needs.

But there's hope on the horizon, and it comes in the form of a green leaf: legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin. 

Here's the thing, folks – this isn't just about getting "high," it's about making a smart economic decision for our state.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Millions in tax revenue could be used to invest in our communities, improve schools, strengthen infrastructure, and provide much-needed resources for families in need.

  • Lower taxes would bring immense relief to countless Wisconsinites who are currently struggling to make ends meet.

  • Thousands of new jobs would be created throughout the state, from farmers and processors to budtenders and entrepreneurs. It's a win-win for our economy and our workforce.

And let's not forget the other significant benefits:

  • Regulation of the cannabis industry: No more black market, just safe, lab-tested products for consumers.

  • A safe and legal alternative: Cannabis can be a powerful tool for managing pain, anxiety, and other health conditions.

  • A boost for our local economy: Small businesses would thrive, and Wisconsin would become a national leader in the cannabis industry.

So why are we clinging to outdated policies that are hurting our families and hindering our state's progress? 

It's time to ditch the "Just Say No" rhetoric and embrace a new era of prosperity and well-being for all.

Let's make our voices heard! Contact your elected officials and tell them you support legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin. It's time to work together to turn this green vision into reality.

Together, we can:

  • Lower the cost of living: Imagine grocery bills that don't leave you gasping for air.

  • Create a brighter future for our children: A future with better opportunities, improved education, and a thriving economy.

  • Make Wisconsin a leader in the cannabis industry: We can be a beacon of innovation and progress for the entire nation.

Join me on this mission for Green and Gold Savings! Let's fight for legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin!

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Did you know that the mighty battleships of the past once relied on the strength of Wisconsin hemp? It's true! Back in the day, Wisconsin was not just a major player in the dairy industry but also a powerhouse in hemp production. The attached vintage article from the Wisconsin State Journal tells a fascinating tale of how our state's hemp was the go-to material for naval ropes to moor battleships. Crazy, right?

The Wisconsin State Journal Article - Navy Relies on Wisconsin Hemp for Rope to Moor Battleships

This isn't just history; it's a testament to Wisconsin's potential in the hemp and cannabis industry. Imagine, a crop with tensile strength greater than steel was grown right here in the Heartland, in places like Brandon. At one point, over 2,000 acres of Wisconsin soil were dedicated to growing this versatile plant.

But why stop at history? It's time to revive Wisconsin's green legacy. The world is shifting towards sustainability and plant-based solutions, and we have the chance to lead once again. It's not just about bringing back an industry; it's about igniting economic growth, fostering innovation, and creating a greener future for our state.

The benefits are clear: hemp can be a sustainable source of materials for textiles, construction, and even biofuels. Legalizing cannabis in Wisconsin can open doors to research, agriculture, and commerce that can put us back on the map as a state that's not just about cheese and beer, but also about growth and progress.

We've done it before, and with the right support and legislation, we can do it again. Let's harness our rich soil and robust farming heritage to cultivate a new era of prosperity. Let's not just make history—let's grow it.

Join the movement. Let's legalize and revitalize Wisconsin. Together, we can make our state a green beacon for the future.

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